Equipment Rental

No On TruckPer DayPer WeekTotal usedComments
Fisher 10 Plus Accessories1
Fisher Pneumatic Wheels4
Chief Grips Wheels For Fisher To
Dolly Sideways On Track1
Super Pee-Wee 3 Dolly Plus & Accessories1
Allimack Spider Dolly Plus Accessories1
Chief Grips Soft Wheel Doll
Rear Wheel Steering1
Chief Grips Low Base Dolly
Skate Board Wheels =2
Chief Grips Tube Dolly v Wheels 4
Chief Grips Vertical Tracking System
Unibeam Kit 1
Chief Grips Tube Tracking System
Unibeam Truss & Track 80ft 1
Unibeam Truss & Track 80ft3
Chief Grips Steel Wheels To Tube Dolly4

Dolly Platforms & Accessories

Elemack Walk Round Platform1
Pee-Wee Walk Round Platform1
Hustler Walk Round Platform1
Hybrid Walk Round Platform1
Fisher 10 Front Plat + Wheels1
Fisher 10 Walk Round Platform 1
Dolly Lifting Strops1
Dolly Wheel Change Jack1
Chief Grips Moy Rotating Offset1
Moy Twin Tube Adjustable Tongue 1
Bowl Twin Tube Adjustable Tongue
Bowl Adjustable Paddle Mount1
Dolly Counter Balance Kit
Fisher 10 Low Seat Bracket =1
Fisher 10 Steering Wheel1
Chief Grips Dolly Moniter 4"HD1
Chief Grips Crane Moniter 4"HD1
Dolly Brackets And Spiggots/ Raw Bolts/Adpt
AdaptorsNo On TruckPer DayPer WeekTotal usedComments
Moy To Bosk Adaptor1
Moy To Bowl Adaptor (Thin)1
Tube To Moy Adaptor 1
Tube To Bosk Adaptor1
Arri Bowl Adaptor 1
Mini Wedge1
Three Way Leveler2
FOUR Way Leveler1
Bosk On Plate1
Flat Plate To Tube Adaptor 1
Dolly To Lamp Adaptor 2
Chief Grips Two Head Adaptor Plate1
Magic Arms Set8
Off Set Arri Bowl Adaptor 1
Straight Tube To Bosk 1
Chief Grips Tube To Flat Plate & Bosk AD.1
90deg Adaptor For Above1
Screw Up Flat Plate To Tube AD 1
Chief Grips Small Vibration Ioslator1
Long Plate 1
Bolt To Bosk Adaptor
Chief Grips Scaff G ClampsAss

Cart with Rack

Moy Track Straight 8ft 12 AvailableEach
Moy Track Straight 4ft 2 AvailableEach
Moy Track Straight 6ft 1
Moy Track Straight 2ft 1 AvailableEach
Moy Track Straight 1ft 1
Moy Track Straight Run Up1
Unibeam Track & Carraige 80ft 8


Cine Saddle1
Steady Bag2
Low Pan Tilt Rocker1
Ronford Fluid Low 7 MK41
Lamp Shade Head Bungi Head1
Chief Grips Dutch Head AD Fluid 7 1
Weaver Steadman 3 Axis Heas 1
Chief Grips Fluid Low Pan & Tilt Head 1
Tango Swing Head1
Rock N Rollor 1
Halo Head2
Top HatsNo On TruckPer DayPer Week Total UsedComments
Tri-Hat 1
Arri Bowl Top Hat1
Low Moy Top Hat1
Tri Base Plate Top Hat2
Chief Grips Spider Top Hat (each)2

Safety Equipment

All To Be Supplied With Advise From Safety
Safety Belt Harness2
Safety Sit Harness2
Safety Full Harness Each4
Hard Hat2
Safety Goggles2
Ear Defenders10
Breathing Mask Dust etc.2
Fire Blankets Set Three4
Camera Hides
8ft or 4ft Adjustable1
Camera Screens Macrolon 4
Safety Line1
Full Flexible harness


Two Tier Open Barrow With Covers2
Magliner Trolley (For Apple Boxes)2
Sand Wheels For Above2
Magliner Trolley1
Flat Carts 2
Track Cart With Rack1
Dolly Cart1
Flat Swivell Wheel Cart1
Rope Rachets4
200M Nylon Climbing Rope Price Each & OB 30L Bags4
100ft Rope1
60ft Hand Line1
Large Pulley1
Large Snap Pulley7
Small Snap Pulley2
Set Rock Ties10
100M Rope2
Set Four Nylon Webbing Slings6
Set Safety Wires3
Shackles Assorted Set 610
Climbing Pullies4
Roll Cab/Set Caterpillar1 Each
Equipment Ruck Sac1
Self Braking Belay Descender Ids1
Porta Warp1
Pro Traxion1

Mounts-Cars Rides-Bikes Etc Will Mount On Almost Anything

Chief Grips Multi Purpose Vehicle Kit
Will Mount Camera On Almost Anything1
Limpet With Tube Adaptor2
Car Rig Leveling Head 2 AV2
Small Limpets10
Large 10" Limpet To Plate8
Under Body Car Clamps4
6 Weight Spreading Plates6
Limpets 6" & Oblong6

Tripods-Ladder Pod&Accessories

Tall Moy Legs2
Baby Moy Legs 2
Alli Spreaders & Ronford Spreader2
Rolling Spider1
Set Of Wire Spreaders 33
Webbing Spreaders3
Sand Spider1
Tube Sand Spider For Use In Rely
Soft Sand Or Surf Or Sea Bed 1
Ladder Pod1
Ronford Rolling Spider With Trauck Wheels1
MiscellaneousNo. On TruckPer DayPer WeekTotal UsedComments
B Camera Lock Off Braces X 61
Wet Suit1
Dry Suit1
Counter Weights5
1"Rachet Straps40
Laser Pointer1
Makita Drill & Drill Driver 1
Walkie Talkies not orderedWalkie Talkies not orderedWalkie Talkies not ordered4
Chief Grips Lock Off Stands set 4 2 Sets8
Chief Grips Macrolon Crash Boxes Large1
Chief Grips Macrolon Crash Boxes Small1
5K Honda Generator1
2K Honda Protable Generato0
Furniture Pads6
Chief Grips Tube Seat1
Chief Grips Swivel Seat1
Strimmer Petrol0
Intercom Kit DX2001
Skill Saw Batt1
Saba Saw1
Jig Saw1
9" Grinder & Transformer1
Jet Wash1
Mcculloch 18" Chain Saw1
4" Grinder1
Smart Level1
Disto Laser Tape D81


Beam Stretchers 4X2 2
Egripment Clamp Bowl1
Chief Grips Bunji Rig1
Zed Plates large1
Splash Box optical glass1
Hand Held Rig for arri 2 c1
Chief Grips Hand Held Balance Rig & OB 30L Bags2
Chief Grips Ball Plate Rig1
Ronford Slide & Glide 3ft1
Ronford Slide & Glide 6ft1
Chief Grips Tubular Rig1
Chief Grips Camera Harness1
Chief Low Tracking Rig1
Chief Grips Truss Brackets 12 Pice Kit
Chief Grips Frames 12 X 12 20 X 201 off Each
Chief Grips Roll Over Rig1
Grip Rigging AccessoriesNo On TruckPer DayPer WeekTotal UsedComments
Grip Box ie. 2-4-6's wedges 6
Stack Pagannines8
Shot Bags set of six6
Tube For Rigs per footAss
Fittings For Rigs eachAss
Chief Grips Tube To Plate Clamps6
4x2 Timber per footAss
Chief Grips Swivel's48
Chief Grips Doubles48
Extension Ladder Not Available
Apple Boxes Flat 1/4 1/2 Full 4 OF Each2
Set Hole Cutters1
Zarges Ladder1
Bull Pricks Set 6Set 6
Step Fiba Glass2
Black Outs 10 X 10ft2
Black Outs 15 X 15ft2
Black Outs 20 X 20ft (Water Prof)2
8X4 Chief Grips Quick Frames 1212
4X4 Chief Grips Quick Frames 22
8X4 Chief Grips Quick Tops 1212
4X4 Chief Grips Quick Tops 2Each
8X4 Masonite Skin 12
New To Be Purchased And Cut Every Job All Sizes
4X4 Masonite Skin 2
8X4 Tracking Boards 12
New To Be Purchased And Cut Every Job All Sizes
4X4 Tracking Boards 2
Chief Grips Quick Frame Small Adjusters X 36
Chief Grips Quick Frame Large Adjusters X 36Each
Chief Grips Quick Frame Legs 18" X 72Each
Chief Grips Quick Frame Legs 2ft X 72Each
Chief Grips Quick Frame Legs 3ft X 72Each
Chief Grips Quick Frames Legs 4ft X 72Each
8X2 Chief Grips Quick Frame 1Each
8X2 Chief Grips Quick Frame Top 1Each
4X2 Chief Grips Quick Frame 1Each
4X2 Chief Grips Quick Frame Top 1Each
Chief Grips Quick Frame Corner X 2Each
Chief Grips Quick Frame TopEach
Chief Grips Quick Frame Legs 6ft X 72Each
Chief Grips Braces
Chief Grips Quick Frame Apple Box Size1
Legs For Above4 Each
Truss 80ft 8x 8fts 2 x 4fts
Tri Truss Kit 26ft 2X 13fts & Bearers
Covers & Grovellers/Furni PadsNo On TruckPer DayPer WeekTotal UsedComments
Camera Covers set of three3
Dolly Cover2
Camera Carrying Bag1
Large Ground Sheet 12ftx12ft Each
Tarpaulin 20ftx20ft1
Space Blankets4
Large Canvas Cover1
Mag Covers4
Groveling Pads SmallEach
Groveling Pads Large1
Easy Up Rain Tent1
Furni Pads6
Crane Tent1

Bazookas & Accessories

Bazooka + 5 Risers
Adjustable Riser Section1
Gas Adjustable Bazooka SEC 2ft-4ft1
Gas Adjustable Bazooka SEC 1/2 size1
Drop Leg Bazooka1
Short Leg For Above1
Ronford Baker Bazooka Base & Accessories1
Tie Down & Fixing AccessoriesAss
Chief Grips Grip Kit1


Grip Trucks