Welcome To Chief Grips

Chief Grips Was Started By John Flemming Key Grip Who Has Over 30 Years In The Industry. He Owns And Has Built An Extensive Range
Of Grip Equipment To Suit All Needs. He Has Worked On Films
Such As :
Indiana Jones : Aleins : Willow : The Mummys : Private Ryan : Bond 19

We Have Many Rigs And Can Build Them To Suit Your Needs
We Have Worked With And Have Experience Of Most The Kit
Ie. Cranes-Tracking Vehicles Insert Cars-3d Rigs Etc. Out There And Have Mounted Cameras On Man – Animal &Amp; Machine.


  • Car rig for Di Vinchi Code

  • Rigging Mast for Heart Of The Sea

  • Truss Rig for Wrath of the Titains

  • Riva Boat rig Hieniken Commercial

  • Two dolly counterweight rig Wrath of the Titains

  • Wire camera rig WWZ

  • Hand Held rig Gaurdians Of The Galaxy

  • Truss Track Rig Maleficent

  • Tower crane rig Charlie and the Chocolate factory

  • Car rig Bond 19 The World is not Enough

  • 4 Cameras rig Nike Commercial